Culture at AAW

The diversity in our business replicates itself in the diversity of our ever-growing team, with just under 3000 employees of 45 different nationalities across the AAW network, we are proud to be an employer who believes in equal opportunity and growth.
Our in house AAW Excellence Academy ensures that each employee can learn and develop their career through regular training programs and performance enhancing workshops as well as gain recognition with our yearly AAW Olympics program that recognizes exceptional employees.
We are a work family of multifaceted skills and backgrounds that come together to help build this legacy conglomerate with a rich history and drive us forward into the future.
Every year we look forward to the annual AAW dinner hosted by our beloved CEO Mr. Faisal Al Mutawa, where we have an opportunity to reflect on the years achievements and recognize our efforts in a more casual setting.
If you're looking for a place to learn, grow and belong, AAW provides a secure and goal orientated career path for you to achieve your ultimate potential.